File Extension File Type Popularity
MKV Matroska Video Format Very popular ( 5 / 5 )

How to convert MKV file?


As MKV files offer limited compatibility with some media players and are not supported on most websites, many users convert their video files to MP4. This process requires use of appropriate software tool. Many such tools are available, some must be installed before use, while others are available as an online service.

Both solutions have their strengths and weaknesses. Software converters are best when access to fast internet connection is an issue, or the file is very large or require a lot of processing power to convert. Smaller files along with decent connection are best suited for online, server-based converters.

Conversion time depends mostly on file size. User selects the input file (with .MKV file extension) and location where the output file will be saved. Most online converted offer option to select target format. Converters typically used the default MKV audio and subtitle tracks, so if custom tracks should be used user must select them manually. After conversion process finishes, the output file will be saved on the disk ready to use.

It is worth mentioning that the output file may be larger that the input file and the quality may be worse, especially the audio quality. This is due to the different algorithms used by converters which may sacrifice some quality for faster conversion time.