File Extension File Type Popularity
MKV Matroska Video Format Very popular ( 5 / 5 )

How to create MKV file?


The process of creating an MKV file container manually is fairly simple and requires usage of a one of many available dedicated software tools. Such tools can be downloaded from official Matroska website. The most popular and easy to use tool perfect for the jobs is MKVToolNix.

Launching the program opens a GUI menu where user selects files that should comprise the MKV container. Program loads video, audio, and subtitles tracks and analyses them. Next, a list of tracks and codecs is displayed and user can select subtitle language if such option is available. Each track contains such parameters as language version or track name which will be displayed by the player while opening th file. Also, user can select the default tracks.

When the configuration is complete, user must select the location to where the file is to be saved and click the run button to start the conversion process.